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The Passion Revealer

The Passion Revealer (PR) has been created and developed as a tool for mature adults who are seeking self-understanding and/or career development insight. The PR is designed to measure the types of interest that are most likely (and least likely) to provide motivation and energy to your life and work.

The PR is a new and experimental self-assessment tool for linking deeply motivating core interests to work, learning, and leisure options. The primary assumption upon which the PR is based is that we have unique passion styles just as we have distinctive fingerprints and DNA codes.

The PR assessment consists of 20 situations, with each situation consisting of six items to be prioritized on the basis of personal preference (a total of 120 separate items). These situations are designed to actively engage you in "out-of-the-box" circumstances for enhancing self-understanding and exploring your energizing interests related to work, learning, and leisure. Many of our clients tell us that this assessment is fun to take and that it really makes them think. Completing the Internet version of the PR takes about 30 minutes.

The Skills Profiler

The Skills Profiler (SP), a supplement to the PR, is a quick and easy way of assessing your perceived level of competency in the types of skills that relate to the interests measured by the PR.

The SP has you rate your competency level in 60 selected skills.

Completing this assessment takes about 15 minutes.

Download a Sample Passion Revealer Report in PDF formatThe Passion Distributor

The Passion Distributor (PD) is a supplemental assessment to the PR designed to help you compare your PR-identified interests with the way that you are now actually spending your time at work. While the PR advises you of the kinds of work activities that engage your passion, the PD assesses the approximate percentage of time you now actually spend doing these kinds of work activities.

Completing the PD, composed of 60 items, takes about 10 minutes.


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