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Full description of
Recharging: Discovering Your Passion-Energized Strengths

A personalized service for adults who are seeking a meaningful new direction for their future through understanding, defining, and applying their best and most energizing assets in life, work, or learning. This service includes three separate components:

  • Four powerful assessments for deepening and expanding self-understanding and identifying your passion-energized marketable assets. Click here for details

  • Four publications for in-depth understanding of your assessment results and guidance for how to apply them for greater fulfillment in life, work, and leisure. Click here for details

  • A 2-hour individual, private, confidential coaching session with Dr. Borchard to translate your assessment results into an energizing vision for your future that takes advantage of your top assets of talent and passion. The session may be conducted in person, by phone, or by Skype.

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Assessments included in
Recharging: Discovering Your Passion-Energized Strengths*

The Passion Revealer Assessment (online)

The Passion Revealer Assessment is a fun, interactive process for identifying your deep-seated personal interests and relating them to options in work, learning and leisure. Using results of this assessment, hundreds of adults have deepened their self-understanding, defined their energizing strengths, clarified their career vision, and made fulfilling choices for their future.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (online)

The MBTI®, the most widely used personality assessment in the world, serves as a foundation for assessing unique aspects (traits, assets, potentials) of your personality. The MBTI also helps adults understand their particular style of thinking, learning, and communicating and interacting with others. The MBTI is a useful resource for career decision making, assessing leadership strengths, and improving understanding and skills in conflict management.

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) (online)

The Strong Interest Inventory® is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. It will help you discover your strongest interests and see what career fields best relate to them. The SII is a well-validated assessment and an exceptionally helpful resource in career and educational decision making.

Invest in Your Values, a guided self-assessment activity (mailed)

This assessment provides an enjoyable activity that helps mature adults clarify core values and essential life priorities in planning their future. These steps are crucial for achieveing a true sense of fulfillment in life and work. Research has shown that adults who are not aware of their core values are more likely to be swayed by external influences than individuals who are in touch with and guided by their personal source of inner wisdom.

* Some assessments may be substituted for others, based on the unique interests and needs of the client.


Publications included in
Recharging: Discovering Your Passion-Energized Strengths*

Passion Styles and Career Directions: A Guide to Understanding Your Passion Revealer Assessment Results (PR Guide)

The PR Guide is 75-page booklet for translating your Passion Revealer assessment results into definable strengths, creating an energizing vision for your future, and developing a powerful strengths-based resume (a marketing resource for establishing the credible pursuit of your vision). The PR Guide offers a treasure of useful information, activities for deepening self-understanding, and motivational stories from Dr. Borchard’s clients. The PR Guide has helped hundreds of adults productively apply their assessment results in life and work.

Introduction to Type: A Guide to Understanding Your Myers Briggs Results (MBTI)

This booklet provides the information necessary to make constructive use of your MBTI assessment results and serves as a resource to lifelong personal and professional development. Content includes information about the 16 personality types, shows the differences between types, and provides detailed information about each of the 16 types, including strengths and shortcomings, how others see the different types, and potential areas for growth.

Where Do I Go Next? Using Your Strong Results to Manage Your Career

This booklet helps you interpret and work through your results from the Strong Interest Inventory to better understand your style of interests and their relationship to various career fields. The booklet also supplies descriptions of the Personal Style Scales, with lists of interests, skills, abilities, work tasks, and occupations to help target your best career options.

Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics) by Peter Drucker

In this small but pithy booklet, Drucker notes that today’s knowledge workers outlive organizational jobs and must therefore manage mobile careers. To do that successfully we need to ask: What are my strengths? How do I perform? What are my values? Drucker provides helpful advice on answering these essential questions and suggests ways we can position ourselves to make the greatest contribution.

* Some resources may be substituted for others, based on the unique interests and needs of the client.

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