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Order It Online: Passion Styles & Career Directions (The PR Guide)
A Guide to Understanding Your Passion Revealer Assessment Results

“The PR in combination with The Guide are unbeatable tools to uncover the path to your passions.”

—Sheila Maher
Executive Coaching
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Completing the PR and working through The PR Guide equips you with the tools, resources and guidance that have helped thousands of adults clarify their unique interests (from the PR) and apply their results to rejuvenate their personal energy and enhance their careers and lives.

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PR Assessment & PR Guide Book ($47.50)
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You will explore the six styles of passion, gain valuable insights about your own passion profile, and see how to translate your results into marketable advantage.  In The Guide you will find inspiring real life stories of individuals who made life fulfilling changes with the help of these resources.  Use The Guide's “Leadership Assessment Survey” to determine your strengths and what style of leadership best suits your passion profile.  Also in The Guide you can apply the seven “Guidelines for Putting Your Passion to Work” that have helped hundreds of adults:

  1. Translate their passion profile into marketable strengths.
  2. Create an energizing vision highlighting their passion-inspired strengths.
  3. Create Personal Development Plans to capitalize upon their strengths.
  4. Develop a powerful, strengths-based resume to market their unique passion.


“I have always found Dr. Borchard’s assessments and tools useful both personally and in my work as an executive coach.  When I first used the Passion Revealer myself I found that I was in the right job but doing the wrong things.  I was able to restructure my job to make it much more rewarding for me.

Having used The PR with numerous clients I find that it helps them to focus on work they can be passionate about and to stay away from work that will drain them.  The PR in combination with The Guide are unbeatable tools to uncover the path to your passions!”

Sheila Maher
Executive Coaching

“I have been a career and life coach for over 20 years and have used a variety of assessments to help my clients design the life and work they really want.  The Passion Revealer and the Skills Profiler and Passion Distributor stand out because they integrate passion and talents as motivational strengths, harnessing the power of passion as no other instrument does.  This accompanying guide is invaluable in providing clear, easy-to-understand techniques for translating passion into a vision and personal development plan unique to who and what a person wants to be. Through the guide, an individual can develop a career/life action plan and practical marketing strategies for making that plan work.  I highly recommend Passion Styles and Career Directions.  It is immensely useful for people starting a new life or career chapter, adults who may be reinventing or redesigning careers during times of great change.”

Leia Francisco, M.A., CJF
Life and Executive Coach

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