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Christiane Farqui  

“For the five years that I have known David as a career coach, he has always been insightful, honest, and patient. During my sessions with him, I not only feel heard and understood, but I feel challenged. ”

David pushes me towards achieving greater levels of self-understanding and awareness. Our sessions helped me immensely throughout my graduate school application process, and, most recently, in the development of a career profile to increase my professional marketability. David's career assessment tool (Passion Revealer) and his book ("Will the Real You Please Stand Up") also served as great supplements to our sessions.

These tools, along with our sessions, allowed me to uncover my true energizing strengths. Ultimately, David has coached me on how I should focus on maximizing those areas that bring me the most joy and pleasure in my life. As a result of our work, I am better equipped to market myself towards those areas that I am most passionate about and to achieve my full potential.

—Christiane Farqui, Senior Consultant Booze Allen Hamilton


“My coaching experience with Dr. Borchard was instrumental in realizing and achieving my passion.”

A few years back I was experiencing serious dissatisfaction in my job and sought career counseling from Dr. David Borchard. With his guidance, I engaged in a process of self-examination to sort through conflicting feelings about my work and life goals.  David didn't toss out banalities or draw conclusions for me, but instead, he presented facts and asked soul-searching questions.  From that process I understood my dissatisfaction stemmed less from a mid-life crises than from an enormous gap between what nourished my passions and what I'd been doing. Thanks to David’s help I realized a passion for teaching yoga and developed the courage to leave a career of over 20 years, with a nice salary and benefits. Now, three years later, I've created a more balanced life as a full-time yoga teacher, a part-time coordinator for a nonprofit bringing yoga to kids, and a more patient mom to my two young children.  I've never been happier.  

—Sabrina Huffman, Yoga Teacher,


“The Passion Revealer helped revitalize my career.”

My work for the most part involves writing and reviewing environmental documents and provides some opportunity to work outdoors conducting environmental site assessments. While these experiences have been beneficial, I’ve always felt something was missing. I found out what it was when I completed the Passion Revealer assessment. I’m creative, and in my duties I have not been utilizing my creative abilities at all! This statement from the assessment sums it all up “prefers novelty and change -- becomes bored with routine activities that do not engage the subjectively intuitive and holistically creative mind.”

Based on those results I’m now considering moving into landscape architecture. In that field I’d be using my creativity to design landscapes and I’d get to use my drawing skills! Since I’ve made that discovery, I’ve been very excited and motivated.

—Theresa Christian
Environmental Analyst (in transition to Landscape Architect)


“Had the Passion Revealer been available 30 years ago, I am sure I would have taken this fork in the road back then.”

The Passion Revealer did something for me that the Myers-Briggs did not do. When I took the Passion Revealer, I was an executive who had spent 30 years working in large organizational settings in the areas of finance, strategic planning, and human resources management. This choice of career path was increasingly uncomfortable. While the Skills Profiler confirmed my training and skills in organization and business, the Passion Revealer made it clear that my real passion was in the areas of psychology, working with people in a helping capacity, and in more of an individual setting.

I am now completing my doctorate in psychological counseling and will be moving into a career as a practicing counselor and university teacher. I feel very good about this choice. Had the Passion Revealer been available 30 years ago, I am sure I would have taken this fork in the road back then.

—Peter Nichols


“The Passion Revealer dramatically pointed out that I was not working from my passion.”

I had been a senior executive of a management consulting firm for 12 years when I realized that I was bored and didn‘t know what to do about it. The Passion Revealer dramatically pointed out that I was not working from my passion. I was passionate about being an Inspirer but spending most of my time as an Organizer. This insight led me to first restructure my corporate position then, to make the leap to become an independent Executive Coach.

I am now passionate about my work as an Executive Coach which allows me to be an Inspirer for my clients and to draw on all the skills, experiences, and insights that I have had over my career. I am not sure that I would have gotten here without the insights from the Passion Revealer—I certainly would not have gotten here as directly.

—Sheila Maher
Executive Coach



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