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Reviews by Coaching Clients

I first sought David's assistance when I was in transition from the World Bank to university professor. I called upon him again more recently in a state of high stress from my work-obsessed career. On both occasions David's wisdom, listening skills, humor, and empathy were instrumental in helping me deal with the fear of change and to envision a more fulfilling future. Thanks to his insight and unparalleled coaching skills, I have moved on to a far less stressed and much more enjoyable life.

Professor of Public Policy, University of Virginia

For the five years that I've known David as a coach, he's always been insightful, honest, and patient. In our sessions I feel heard, understood, and challenged. He always pushes me towards greater levels of self-understanding and awareness. He has helped me discover my true energizing strengths and prepared me to more effectively market them. As a result of his coaching, I've transitioned to work better suited to my passion and, I'm enjoying more pleasure in my life.

Senior Consultant Booze Allen Hamilton

A few years back I was experiencing serious dissatisfaction in my job and sought help from David. With his guidance, I engaged in a process of self-examination about conflicting feelings related to my work and life goals. David didn't toss out banalities or make conclusions for me. Instead, he presented facts and asked soul-searching questions that helped me to realize my dissatisfaction stemmed from an enormous gap between my true interests and my work. David helped me discover a passion for teaching yoga and to find the courage to leave a career of over 20 years (with a nice salary and benefits). Now, three years later, I've created a more balanced life as a full-time yoga teacher, a part-time coordinator for a nonprofit bringing yoga to kids, and a more patient mom to my two young children. I've never been happier.

Yoga Teacher

Dr. Dave provided what will likely prove to be the most helpful insight and recommendations I've ever received. He was able to clarify and articulate issues and concerns I'd been struggling with for years. He provided me with the understanding and a methodology I needed to effectively address and resolve them. He also provided tangible tools that I can apply now and in the future.

Mid-level Manager with the Federal Government

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