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Question of the Month: Pursuing Passion Versus Advancement

At the age of 32 Mathew finds himself at a career crossroads. He has been with his agency for seven years in a highly technical computer graphics position and has enjoyed his work. Recently, however, he has begun feeling restless and at a career plateau. He has also been pressured to accept a promotion into management in a position for which he feels little enthusiasm. For years he has felt a passion to teach graphic design and coach soccer at the high school level. His 31-year-old wife, who is in a career she loves, is supportive of his aspirations. There is a complication, however, in that they desire to have a family soon. On his Passion Revealer assessment Mathew scored high as a Creator and Inspirer and low as an Organizer.

Based on the information available, which of the following options is Mathew’s best choice?

A) Because they want kids, Mathew should make that a priority and support the family by accepting the promotion.

B) Turn down the promotion but stay with his technical position and get moving on having a family since this is something both he and his wife desire. 

C) Immediately quit the job to start the transition into teaching. Forget about having kids since there will be plenty of kids in his life when he is teaching.

D) Go for it all responsibly transition into teaching but postpone having a family until he has established himself in his new career.

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