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Question of the Month: Mid-Life Career Dilemma - Change or Endure

Assume you were asked to provide career advice to Edna, she is 45, married, a mother of two teenagers and has a BA degree in liberal arts. Edna has been with the federal government for 20 years in a position that pays well with excellent benefits. She has a serious problem, however, in that she is completely unfulfilled in her career. Moreover, she feels trapped in her job with an abusive boss who seriously dislikes working with women and consistently thwarts her career growth efforts.

Which of the following recommendations is her best choice?

A) Stay with her job until she can retire in another 17 years because good jobs are hard to come by and no job is perfect. Meanwhile hope the boss dies or retires.

B) Stay with the job but do whatever is needed to resolve the boss problem such as see an ombudsman, complain to upper management, file an EEO claim, etc.

C) Seek help from a wise mentor on how to improve the situation with the boss and from a career coach for help in finding more fulfilling work or a new career.

D) Get out of the job immediately. Life is too short to stay in an abusive situation. She can’t change her boss but she can change her job.

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