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Question of the Month: Addressing the Infamous Interview Question

In an interview you’re asked the question, “Tell us about your shortcomings.”  What’s your best response?

Which of the following recommendations is her best choice?

A) At this stage of my career, I can assure you that any shortcomings I may have possessed were long ago corrected. I’m happy to report, therefore, that I now bring only positives to the table.

B) As a working parent with young children I sometimes must be late for work or will have to leave work in a hurry to tend to a sick child.

C) I admit to being a perfectionist and don’t fully trust others to get things completely right.  For that reason, I’ll stay with a task until I’m sure it’s flawlessly accomplished, even if I have to work long hours and on weekends.

D) I’m an idea person, which is a strength I’ve sometimes used to excess in the past.  At times I’ve spent too much time in generating multiple options for situations that didn’t require brilliant solutions. I now manage that tendency by focusing on an option that adequately meets the need within the timeframe available.

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