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Question of the Month: Retirement Quandary - What’s Next?

If you are in the retirement mode but have no clear idea of what you want to do, which one of the following options is the best approach? Assume that you are one of those baby-boomers who have worked hard all your life, had a successful career, are moderately prepared financially, and are looking forward to less work and greater freedom in your future. The problem, however, is that you are unsure about what would constitute a truly fulfilling and meaningful new life.

A) Because it's more preferable to continue with the known than to launch into a new and uncertain direction, forget about retiring and remain in your current work and lifestyle.

B) Check out the many great retirement communities and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle of no work and all play: after all, you have earned it and life's short.

C) Concentrate on building greater financial security before retiring because you can never have enough money for all the contingencies of an unknown future, and you might need to support yourself and/or your partner until you're centurions.

D) Take time to reflect on your personal criteria for success and generate a vision for the next chapter of your life before launching into retirement.

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