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Retirement Readiness Quiz

Most retirement planning focuses on your financial needs.

This quiz focuses on an equally important but often ignored need: fulfillment.

Answer each question with Mostly Yes or Mostly No.

Questions for Self-Reflection:
Do you feel positive and confident about your retirement vision?
Are you ready to replace your career self-image with a new identity?
Do you have ways for replacing your work-based social interactions?
Are there untapped talents you wish to develop and apply?
Do you know what kinds of interests and activities could bring you joy?
Are there new ways you want to grow and develop?
Do you have options for remaining intellectually engaged?
Do you have a plan for staying fit and healthy?
Is there something you specifically want to contribute in retirement?
Do you know where to locate to pursue your top interests?
Can you list your top ten priorities for a fulfilling future?
For Couples:
Have you discussed how retirement will affect your relationship?
Is your family onboard with your retirement vision?
Do you have social outlets individually and as a couple?
Do you share common interests and core values?
Do you have separate interests?
Does your partner emotionally support your retirement vision?
Do you emotionally support your partner's retirement vision?
Are you effective in resolving your differences?

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