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Unsolicited Reviews on the Joy of Retirement book

Makes you realize you will be a different person

If you buy one book, this is it for retirement guidance. I have reviewed several retirement books and this one is the best. Really makes you think about what you want for this stage in life by linking roles, values and talents. Makes you realize that you will be a different person if you've had a long career and want fun activities rather than more work. The assessments bring into sharp focus what you really want for the next chapter. Very well written and enlightening.

Best I've seen

My wife and I read it separately and are now discussing it chapter by chapter. It has stimulated some serious discussion and soul searching. I truly want to thank the authors for their fine work. I think this book is valuable at practically any age and time of change.

Finding my passion

From the very beginning I felt the authors were talking directly to me. The book touched many areas I wanted to explore about myself for enjoying my non-working years.

Imagine your future

The Joy of Retirement is a great guide for people contemplating retirement but who have no idea what kind of life they WANT. What I really loved about David's approach was the assessments that helped me imagine the second half of my life. I discovered that there is a style for people just like me--"grey eminence" --and this new knowledge helped me take the final steps to launch the next chapter of my life. For those who keep working because of the inability to imagine a post-work life, this book is especially for you!

Transition Guide

This book discusses all the issues you will be facing as a retiree. It addresses such topics as how to have a meaningful life in retirement, finding the activities that are right for you, adjusting to changes in relationship, and finding the right location. Everyone who is 50 years old or over should read this book!

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